Sheffield City Council supports International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls

1 Dec

At the Full Council meeting on 5th November 2014, Councillor Nikki Bond proposed the following motion, which was passed unanimously:

11. Notice of Motion given by Councillor Nikki Bond

That this Council:

(a) welcomes the campaign of the United Nations Secretary General to UNiTE to End Violence Against Women on the 25th of each month;

(b) further welcomes that 25th November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and also marks the start of 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence;

(c) believes an International Day to End Violence Against Women is important because:

(i) violence against women is a human rights violation;

(ii) violence against women is a consequence of discrimination against women, in law and also in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women;

(iii) violence against women impacts on, and impedes, progress in many areas, including poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDS, and peace and security;

(iv) violence against women and girls is not inevitable; prevention is possible and essential; and

(v) violence against women continues to be a global pandemic; up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime;

(d) supports the efforts of One Billion Rising –Sheffield, to raise awareness of violence against women and support them with their plans for a flash mob in the Peace Gardens on 14th February 2015;

(e) welcomes the decision of the Labour Party to appoint a Shadow Minister for Violence against Women and Girls and a commitment to include a Violence against Women and Girls Bill with national standards for tackling the issue in the first Queen’s speech if they are elected to Government in 2015;

(f) thanks the efforts of Sexual Health Sheffield in their community engagement work in educating young people on issues of consent and healthy relationships, which no doubt link to violence against women and girls and recognises that Sheffield is the only city with a Sexual Health Champion;

(g) urges everyone to take responsibility for tackling violence against women and girls; and

(h) calls on all Councillors to sign the petition by the European Women’s Lobby calling on the future European Commission President to establish 2016 as the European year to end violence against women and girls.


Sign up to flash dance 2015

16 Oct
    SIGN UP for the FLASH DANCE on 14th Feb 2015!
  2. CLICK ON THE BUTTERFLY (at the left side or at the bottom) and SIGN UP TO THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN  [Or go to]
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    Art exhibitions, banner making, writing workshops, readings, debates, fundraisers
  4. YOUTH GROUPS are particularly encouraged to create events – see 2014 youth activity here

  5. The Event Page also gives links to INFORMATION and RESOURCES (logos, banners, photos, video and audio files) which can be used to publicise the campaign and support your events (see left sidebar or at the bottom of the page)
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Get ready for … 14th February 2015!

20 Jun

On Valentine’s Day, Saturday 14th February 2015 (12 till 2pm) we are planning to repeat the very successful flash dance from 2013 in the Peace Gardens, Sheffield City Centre.

This will be led by Nisha Lall, director of Aim to Dance

The event will include dance performances, short speeches and mass dancing to Tena Clarke’s song “Break the Chain”   to synchronise with other groups dancing around the world at the same time.  We hope Sheffield children and young people will also be taking part.

How can you get involved in Sheffield Rising 2015?
Groups at leisure, study, work or in the community can plan to take part in the city centre event (by practising the dance) AND /OR in your own local / workplace event.

In addition to dancing, there are many ideas for related activities leading up to / following on from the event, for example:

  • Art and Craftwork, Poetry, Drama, Research Projects, Discussions / Debates
  • Documenting local activities through YouTube and other social media
  • Fund-raising events (to support the global campaign and / or local organisations – see list here on the right-hand sidebar )

* AND*

See more ideas, videos and links to get you started at   sheffield_rising2015_groups


Please contact us with any questions or to let us know your plans.


Gender Respect: new project for Sheffield schools

1 May

A new project is being developed by the South Yorkshire Development Education Centre (DECSY) to work with teachers, performing artists, children and young people – to explore and question gender inequality and violence in a local-global context.

working togther

The project will involve developing and trialling new approaches, activities and materials with children and young people from age 4/5 to 14 in a small number of pilot schools. It will be informed by focus group discussions with older teenagers and young adults and also plans to make use of social media.

The aim is for local children and young people to learn  to:

  • Question gender stereotyping –exploring ‘masculinities’ and ‘femininities’ and critiquing social media

  • Understand global and historical contexts of gender relations

  • Explore issues of power, freedom and human rights in the context of gender

  • Feel empowered to take action to challenge gender inequality and violence  – including creative responses and use of social media

The longer-term aim will be to make these activities and materials accessible to teachers and others globally through networks such as the One Billion Rising campaign.  Sheffield Rising 2013 are represented on the project steering group.

The project will be launched in the autumn.

For more information, contact Helen Griffin


16 Apr

Hollaback! had   a fantastic week of events to mark International Anti-Street Harassment Week here in Sheffield, including discussion workshops, zine making, a craftivism session, a film screening of Cairo 678 and a Chalk Walk around the City Centre.

Sheffield Hollaback! Chalk Walk

Sheffield Hollaback! Chalk Walk

To follow on from Anti- Street Harassment Week, there is an annual general meeting for people who want to get involved in organising for Hollaback! Sheffield.

 We have a few roles and objectives in mind including campaigns, education and events. We’re also looking for two or three new site leaders (to replace Kate and Maria as we’re both leaving Sheffield in the next few months). We’re also open to ideas, so why not come along and share yours, as well as finding out how you can help to fight street harassment in Sheffield?  We’re really excited to get more people involved and to hear your ideas.. So see you there!

The AGM will be on Thursday the 18th of April at 6.30pm at The Bath Hotel, which is a pub just off West Street.  Take a look at the Facebook event .




Sheffield City Council pledges to tackle violence against women

7 Apr

On the 3rd April, Sheffield City Council passed the following motion tabled by Councillor Nikki Bond

That this Council:

(a)       is proud to have supported the One Billion Rising (Sheffield) campaign and its events on 14th / 15th February 2013 to raise awareness about violence against women and girls;
(b)       pledges to make this issue a priority for the next 12 months, through the following measures:
(i)         to continue to provide support to the local Sheffield Rising 2013 movement through the Women’s Network and other relevant areas of Council activity;
(ii)        to promote the voice and influence of women and girls who are victims of violence and the local organisations which work to support them;
(iii)       to support initiatives in schools and colleges promoting consciousness about – and zero tolerance to – violence in relationships among young people; and
(iv)       to collaborate with other public bodies in seeking ways to address the problem and find solutions.
The motion also goes on to condemn the Coalition Government for the adverse effect that their policies are having on women’s lives in general and notes that the Fawcett Society has challenged the national budget from last year, claiming it failed in its duty to assess whether it would impact on women unfairly.

The need for campaigns against sex trafficking

20 Mar

Sophie Mei Lan has published an exclusive interview with Marinela Badea, a 17 year old girl from Romania who was trafficked into the UK and forced to work in a brothel. Marinela tells the story of how people in Sheffield helped her to get her life back together and return home to her family.

Sophie Mei writes:

It is essential to raise global awareness of the problem through campaigns targeting vulnerable people across the globe, and even Hollywood is set to release a film entitled The Whistleblower, based on a US woman who uncovered sex trafficking whilst she was working in Bosnia.

More focus however, needs to be on victim care as they are often scared, traumatized and usually don’t speak fluent English.

Read the full report at



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